Member Services

Online direct one-time transfer(s) from your bank account.

You can pay your association dues online if your property manager and/or association has signed up for this services. Your property manager or association will have the option to sign up for electronic transfer (ACH) which will allow you to pay from your bank account.

You will be notified by your property manager or association of the service activation for electronic transfers (ACH) and when you will be able to make your payments online. We look forward to helping you with all of your financial needs.

Additional Products & Services

Lending solutions

We make the process easy with a minimal amount of hassle, paperwork, and a quick turn around time. 

Deposit products

We have deposit accounts specifically geared towards community associations.  Get the most for your money.

Lockbox services

Our automated lockbox service raises the standards and puts every aspect of the lockbox process in your control.

Online banking

Our online banking service offers robust information reporting and payments modules.