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Is a Loan the Answer? To borrow or not to borrow? That is the question!

Condominium and homeowner association properties are aging. Even the best maintained property cannot avoid this process. Professional managers and directors with fiduciary responsibilities face an era of serious decision making to maintain property values. The following information provides an overview of the financial tools available to facilitate property repairs and replacements.

Future of Banking: Internet Security and Fraud Mitigation

When it comes to cybersecurity and the inherent risks associated with internet and mobile banking, the future is already here. The Association for Financial Professionals conducted its 2017 annual Payments Fraud and Control Survey and found payment fraud and data breaches are increasing.

Emergency Funds: Saving for a True Rainy Day

When unexpected repairs are needed or weather-related disasters strike a community, often associations are left trying to fund projects that require immediate attention.

Creative Banking: Not an Oxymoron at Woodlake HOA

A major goal for the bankers of the nation is to throw off the stigma of being uncreative “by the book” bureaucratic middle managers and show themselves to be real “players” when it comes to problem solving in the community association industry.

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